The Walmart Dipping Sauce That's A Total Raising Cane's Copycat

Some restaurant chains don't just have famous burgers, chicken, or drinks, they also have iconic sauces. Take for example In-N-Out's dressing, Big Mac sauce, and Raising Cane's sauce. Sure, most "secret sauces" are made with combinations of ketchup, mustard, or mayo, but they still have stand-out qualities. For Raising Cane's sauce, it's the mix of creamy and tangy with a hit of peppery heat that makes it so loved, but what's a fan to do when they just want the sauce for homemade chicken? Walmart's copycat Chick-fil-A sauce hit shelves a few years back, and now, the company is putting out a new sauce called Chicken Finger Dipping Sauce that's in the spotlight for tasting like Raising Cane's fan-favorite condiment.

Even though this sauce is not outwardly a Cane's dupe, Walmart knows they're onto something, calling it "an affordable version of ... that special sauce's secret recipe" in an email to MegaMenu. A 12-ounce bottle goes for just $2.28 on the company's website. The ingredients echo those in our copycat Raising Cane's sauce recipe, including tomato paste (which works similarly to ketchup), egg yolks (an essential part of mayo), Worcestershire sauce, and garlic powder. Pepper, an essential seasoning in Raising Cane's sauce, may come into play through the ingredient list's nondescript "spices." Together, these ingredients make a sauce that many customers think is a total Raising Cane's copycat.  

Walmart's sauce is a spot-on Raising Cane's copy, according to shoppers

Many Walmart customers and fans of Raising Cane's are quick to note the two sauces' similarities. One product review left by a Walmart customer states, "Tastes almost identical to Cane's sauce. For it to come from a bottle, I was shocked." This may be a surprise considering how at Raising Cane's, the sauce is made fresh daily. The product has also been receiving attention on TikTok, where a commenter said, "I think it tastes 100% identical to Cane's," and others chimed in similar statements like "It's not an exact dupe, but pretty dang close." In a review of the product that one TikTok creator uploaded, they described the Chicken Finger Dipping Sauce as having "a little bit of tang and that exact same level of pepper [as Cane's]." 

The taste of the sauces may be similar, but what about the price? Although prices vary, a side of Cane's sauce costs 45 cents at some locations. Since a 190 cal side of sauce is 1.5 ounces, this would put it at 30 cents per ounce — slightly more than Walmart's sauce at 19.8 cents per ounce. However, you can order 32 ounces of Raising Cane's sauce from the restaurant. Although the internet has reported a variety of prices for this size, with $6.99 being somewhere in the middle, it would still be around 22 cents per ounce. Technically, Walmart's Raising Cane's copycat sauce will save you money, but not by too much.