Taco Bell's Nacho Fries Are Returning To The Menu For Their Longest Stint Ever

Fans of Taco Bell's nacho fries can — once again — rejoice! On April 25, the beloved limited-edition snack will be making its 11th nationwide appearance on the menu, but this time, it has a spicy new twist. According to information shared with MegaMenu, the fast food chain is partnering up with Secret Aardvark — a Portland-based (and woman-owned) hot sauce company with adventurously-flavored sauces — to really bring the heat.

Typically, the fan-favorite consists of little more than seasoned fries and a small cup of nacho cheese sauce — though nacho fries did get the grilled cheese treatment in 2023, when they came topped with three different cheeses, as well as steak, queso, and chipotle sauce (as we determined, they were worth the trip). The Secret Aardvark Nacho Fries, on the other hand, cover these same fries with slow-roasted chicken, a three-cheese blend, reduced-fat sour cream, nacho cheese sauce, and pico de gallo. The whole ensemble, which will cost $4.99, is smothered in an exclusive sauce made of Secret Aardvark's Serrabanero hot sauce blended with ranch.

It probably goes without saying that, in this iteration of nacho fries, the sauce is the star of the show. Secret Aardvark's spicy Serrabenero sauce is flavored with mysterious spices, tomatillos, onions, and serrano and habanero peppers.

Taco Bell's fries are part of a double collaboration

While Taco Bell has brought nacho fries back many times before, this stint will be the item's longest on record. The Secret Aardvark variety will only be around for a limited, unspecified time, but the chain's menu will feature its regular nacho fries all summer long. Taco Bell and Secret Aardvark are also marking their upcoming release date with another collaboration: For a special Tuesday Drop, the brands will be teaming up with Portland-based multimedia artist and Nike footwear designer Bryce Wong.

According to the email sent to MegaMenu, Wong is creating something unique that 300 of Taco Bell's Fire! Rewards members will have a chance to get their hands on. Much like the exact recipe for Secret Aardvark's Serrabanero hot sauce, though, the drop's details will remain top secret ... at least, until April 23.

Speaking about Taco Bell's new hot sauce collaboration, Liz Matthews — the brand's global food innovations officer — said, "Secret Aardvark's dedication to bold flavors and culinary innovation makes them the perfect partner for Taco Bell and our iconic Nacho Fries. Together, we're taking flavor exploration to new heights, ensuring our fans experience the ultimate taste sensation with every bite." If you can't wait for Secret Aardvark's spicy Taco Bell collab, check out these gourmet hot sauces everyone needs to try.