Pepsi And Bobby Flay Are Trying To Make Peach Cola Happen

Summer is just around the corner, and people everywhere are getting ready to dust off their grills. Pepsi and celebrity chef Bobby Flay are, too, in a team-up campaign arguing that grilling is #BetterWithPepsi. This "Better with Pepsi" push originally launched on National Burger Day in 2021 to encourage burger fans to pair their meal with a can of the carbonated beverage. This time around, Pepsi is echoing this same point with grilling, and it's even introducing a new peach flavor to support its claim.

Believe it or not, out of Pepsi's many flavors, a peach variety hasn't existed until now (pineapple, though, is a different story). The closest thing fans could get was a Pepsi Peach Oolong drink exclusive to China. According to information shared with MegaMenu, though, Flay and Pepsi are making peach cola happen just in time for Summer 2024. This is exactly when peaches are in season, so Pepsi is confident that this flavor will make a refreshing pairing for smoky meats fresh off of the grill. The soda brand is also introducing a lime-flavored cola that taps into other familiar summertime flavors.

Pepsi says its soda goes hand in hand with grilling

Bobby Flay has shared plenty of cooking and grilling tips with the world through shows like "Grill It! With Bobby Flay" and "Bobby Flay's Barbecue Addiction." Everyone knows that Flay has some serious grilling talent, so his partnership with the soda brand and its "Better with Pepsi" campaign is hardly shocking. Flay will appear in digital shorts, a TV campaign, and other ads for the peach- and lime-flavored Pepsi products as Memorial Day approaches. "Grilling and Pepsi go hand in hand as summer staples, and I am as excited as anyone to explore the possibilities that Pepsi Lime and Pepsi Peach bring to the table this season," the celebrity chef said.

If you want to try Pepsi Peach for the first time (another lime-flavored variety debuted in 2019, so the new version might be less of a revelation), it'll be available in 20-ounce bottles or 12-ounce cans. If you want to take Pepsi's advice, go ahead and drink it alongside a hot dog or some ribs. Consumers can scan a code on the bottles (or head over to the "Better with Pepsi" website) to enter a giveaway for a summer barbecue party, which you'll hopefully have regardless.