The Viral Smoked Sausage Tip That Had TikTok Sizzling

There are many sausage cooking tips everyone should know, including throwing your sausage on the grill for an extra smokey kick. Smoked sausage is a great choice because it's already packed with flavor from the smoking process and typically comes fully cooked – although many people end up warming it or cooking it some more anyway. Whether you heat up your smoked sausage on the grill for an extra punch of flavor or stick it on the stovetop, there is one viral tip making the rounds on TikTok that you should consider.

Malcom Reed, the face behind the TikTok account @howtobbqright, recommends scoring and seasoning your smoked sausage before cooking it. This involves cutting the sausage as deep as ¾ of the way through in 1-centimeter increments down the entire length of the sausage. These slits then can be filled with extra seasonings and glazes of your choice. As the sausage cooks, it will release some of its fat via the slits, helping build flavor. The sausage's sliced edges will also become browned and crispy on the grill, creating a bark. Flavorful, simple, and perfect for serving a crowd, this is bound to be a sausage cooking hack you wish you knew sooner.

Seasoning and serving smoked sausage

This sizzling hack wouldn't be complete without the seasonings and glaze. The seasoning (Reed uses a simple BBQ rub) should be added to the sausage before it goes on the grill. As for the BBQ glaze, this goes over the sausage towards the end of the cooking process so that the sugars don't burn, the flavor is maintained, and the heat from the meat can set the sauce. Together, the glaze, seasoning, and meat's fat work together to form a nice bark on the sausage.


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This smoked sausage is super easy to cut up once it's off the grill due to the pre-cut slits. It'll be so flavorful you'll want to eat it by itself, but these smoked sausage chunks can be a meaty addition to other meals. For example, sliced smoked sausage is super easy to toss into pasta, like in this Cajun smoked sausage pasta recipe. When a soup is lacking protein, smoked sausage can be the answer. You can even add the sausage onto a charcuterie board, which is what Reed does. Next time you fire up the grill, try this smoked sausage hack for a flavorful addition to your barbecue repertoire.