Maison Perrier Wants To Make Sparkling Water Even Fancier

Perrier, the French sparkling water brand, is trying to do something no one knew was possible: make French sparkling water even fancier. This well-established company has been making its mineral water bubbly since 1863, and in a ranking of sparkling water brands, it gets extra points for its sophisticated reputation. Now, Perrier is releasing a new line of premium products through its Maison Perrier brand, which translates to "house of Perrier" in English. According to information shared with MegaMenu, this is inspired by the company's heritage in the south of France — specifically Vergèze, where it all began.

Maison Perrier sets itself apart from its parent brand with a new range of flavor options and "big bursting bubbles." The Maison Perrier Forever line comes in six varieties: lime, orange, grapefruit, peach, strawberry, and blackberry. These beverages contain zero calories and no added sugars or sweeteners; rather, their taste is derived from natural flavors to create a light, fruity sensation. The brand's other new line, Maison Perrier Ultimate, offers unflavored sparkling water with natural electrolytes.

Is Maison Perrier mineral water?

Maison Perrier also differs from its parent brand in that it's not mineral water — sparkling water and mineral water are different because the latter's naturally occurring minerals influence flavor and bubbling. Maison Perrier still seems fancy, though, as it comes from underground wells in Vergèze, France, and is bottled on a historical factory site.

In 1992, the Nestle brand bought Perrier after the sparkling water company had to make multiple changes to its product labels following an FDA ruling that the brand's products were not "naturally sparkling." History seemingly repeats itself, as in March 2024, a New Yorker filed a lawsuit against Perrier claiming its water was not up to mineral standards and therefore should not qualify as natural mineral water. The new Mason Perrier brand, however, is not advertised as a mineral water.

Regardless, the Forever and Ultimate Maison Perrier lines will be the first two released in the U.S. The brand also offers a "Chic" range for a mocktail experience, a "Magnetic Juice" range with intense fruit juices, and an "Energize" range with vitamins and caffeine. Only time will tell if these three lines will join the U.S. lineup. As of now, though, the Forever and Ultimate Maison Perrier lines are available nationwide.