Domino's Just Discovered New York-Style Pizza

While there are so many regional pizza styles that it might be hard to distinguish them all, New York-style pizza has many qualities that set it apart. It has a thin crust that gets bubbly on the edges, a beautiful ratio of fresh tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, and wide slices that are perfect for folding and eating. Worldwide pizza chain Domino's has finally decided to replicate this charm and introduce the New York Style Pizza to its menus. And yes, Domino's wants you to fold your pizza just like New Yorkers do (this makes large slices more manageable).

Considering how famous New York-style pizza is, it's surprising that Domino's has not offered a version already. Now New York-style pizza is on the largest pizza chain's menus, and many more people will be able to get a taste of it. According to an email received by MegaMenu, the pizza has a thin crust, a blend of 100% mozzarella and provolone cheeses, and, the real selling point: giant, foldable slices. Whereas Domino's pizzas are normally cut into eight slices, this New York-style pizza is cut into six slices. They might even be big enough to hang off your plate just like the slices in New York. The pizza is available beginning April 15. For folks who intend to order it, there is a deal for a large three-topping New York Style Pizza for $10.99.

What makes Domino's New York-style pizza different?

Many other pizza chains have capitalized on the popularity of New York-style pizza before Domino's. Papa John's debuted its take on NY pizza in 2021 and Pizza Hut's "The Big New Yorker" pizza from the 90s returned to menus in 2023. Like Domino's, both of these pizza chains heavily emphasized that their New York-style pizzas were oversized and fold-friendly.

Now that Domino's is finally introducing a NY pizza, it raises the question: Is there anything that makes this pizza different from others it's sold before? Like Domino's other crusts, the NY-style pizza crust is made from fresh dough that's never frozen. It also utilizes Domino's hand-tossed method of crust making (as opposed to handmade pan crust that gets pressed into a pan) for a thinner, crispier bite.

Domino's has no consistent cheese blend used for pizzas, but they typically contain mozzarella with some combination of provolone, cheddar, feta, or asiago cheese. Likewise, the New York Style Pizza opts for a blend of mozzarella and provolone. This pizza may contain many elements of what Domino's has offered in the past, but CEO Russel Weiner explains that the "balance of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings in every bite" is what stands out about this pie.