The 11 Most Popular Sports Bar Chains Ranked Worst To Best, According To Customer Reviews

Is there anything better than sitting at a sports bar on game day with friends or significant others, splitting wings and bar bites, downing brews, and (respectfully) yelling at the TVs? While great sports bars can be found in every state, there is something to be said for the consistency, quality, and extensive options at nationwide or statewide chains. Chains often want to cast as wide a net as possible for potential guests to dine at their establishments. Thus, the options tend to be more inclusive, leading to better choices for big groups.

Certain chain sports bars have a larger influence, either in the select regions they occupy or overall. If they are not the absolute go-to for people to satisfy their sports-watching sustenance needs, they are always at least the backup due to their multi-location presence. They can also usually host bigger crowds due to their capacity. The biggest and best will also at times have quality differentiation at varying locations. That said, it is still possible to decipher the top options from a diverse collection of reviews. We've ranked these sports bars on food options and overall customer opinion, which we'll touch on more at then end, but for now, let the ranking begin.

11. Beef 'O' Brady's

Far too many people on Reddit say beware of Beef 'O' Brady's to mark it any higher than last place of the largest sports bar chains. That said, it is quite a large chain currently circling around 250 locations and continually taking its growth momentum and running with it into even more franchises. It is one of two Irish Pub-inspired sports bars on our list which very much carries over to its menu, featuring items like a steak and mushroom open face sandwich called The Dubliner and Fish 'N' Chips.

According to one customer experience, Brady's is far from a good date spot. The food, at times, is described as frozen-tasting, mirroring what one might think they'd get at one of their local Irish pubs after too much drinking. It's the type of food you only get because you need something of sustenance to balance out the beer and whiskey. There is also more than one claim of food poisoning as you peruse customer feedback. It's safe to say you may find something you like here, but it may be best to go elsewhere if you can.

10. Hurricane Grill & Wings

While some may think braving the danger of an actual hurricane is better than eating here, others seem to feel this spot surely has things to offer. At 30 locations nationwide, Hurricane Grill and Wings have the recipe for just about anything you might be craving at a bar while watching sports. More than half its restaurants, including its original location, are in Florida. Thus, its name matches its location. Now speaking of things that come from the sea, let's discuss the fish options. Many seafood dishes, from tacos to sandwiches to salads, are made with Mahi Mahi (as local a Florida fish as you can get). Floridian customers rave about these options particularly the Mahi-Mahi Baja Taco Salad and the Wood Smoked Mahi Dip.

With wings in its name, of course, this sports bar is also known for them. Many customer and blogger reviews delight in the cooking and flavor. With over 30 sauce and spice rub options to choose from, you're sure to find something to your liking. As opposed to other bars on our list, Hurricane has one major quality besides food inconsistency that holds it back not enough sports emphasis. 

9. Roosters Wings

There is no more mixed bag than the response to Roosters Wings. This solely Midwest chain is mostly based in Ohio and thus has the least wide reach on our list. This already sets it up at a bit of a disadvantage. Then when you mix that with a few claims of undercooked chicken at a wings specialty spot, it doesn't look too promising for a high ranking on our list. By that same notion though, there are people on the complete opposite side of the fence claiming the Roosters classic wings are even better than top competitor Buffalo Wild Wings.

On many a Reddit thread you can view customers across Ohio debating the validity of this establishment almost always based solely on its wings. One other big piece of positive feedback is derived from the price. At a cheap $7.99 for 5 wings bone-in or boneless, it is quite the redeeming quality that prevents a slightly worse placement on this list. However, it's still hard to rank a spot higher when the only consistent conversation about it involves wings and not other menu items or sporting event appeal.

8. Dave & Busters

What you may not have realized about Dave & Busters is the breadth of its food and drink menu. This marks the first entry on our list that has equal praise for its boozy options as it does its food, including classic cocktails like its strawberry watermelon margarita which has strawberry-infused ice cubes. The D&B food menu also stretches far beyond your regular bar bites and wings with Reddit users recommending entreés and apps from all over the map including Korean Sticky Ribs and Chicken Parmesan.

The one thing that Dave & Busters can't escape though, is its consistent labeling as a glorified Chuck E. Cheese. While people do watch sporting events and dine happily here, its focus is too much on the arcade gameplay for it to ever be a true haven for game day. The beer list is also pretty standard and uninteresting. As this would be the ideal game day beverage over a mixed drink much of the time, it's safe to say D&B doesn't quite cater enough to sports fans to be placed higher here.

7. Duffy's Sports Grill

The reviews are in for this solely Florida-based chain and it is confirmed that the first entry with the word sports in its name is, in fact, a place that becomes packed upon major sporting events. From the Super Bowl to March Madness there is no place on the panhandle more renowned for its ability to handle large crowds. As the superior Irish pub-inspired hangout on this list, Duffy's bar bites are what really steal the show. It is nearly impossible to hit a review that doesn't rave about the mozzarella sticks particularly, which have become somewhat of a must-have for some.

What is truly remarkable about Duffy's it seems is that the food is so good even non-sports fans will embark on a journey to the establishment and revel in a game day atmosphere just to partake in the grub. The giant pretzel and even distinct chocolate mint pie have the power to unite friend groups with different personalities. While it's limited reach in Florida is the main reason that limits it from a higher ranking, we'd be remiss if we also didn't mention that Duffy's beer selection seems a bit skimpy for a place that used to be called Duffy's Drafthouse.

6. Twin Peaks

While this scantily clad Hooters spinoff has some controversies still with truth's untold to much of the public, it's hard to argue against the food. There are even those customers who prefer it handily to its predecessor Hooters and other semi-popular similar concepts. The most essential food item to any sports bar is the wings and Twin Peaks features three bone-in options all of which are confirmed by guests to be essential: naked (fried), breaded (fried), or smoked and grilled. The last of the three is the most unique and dubbed an absolute must-try with any of the 12 sauces.

There are over 100 Twin Peaks locations spread all over the U.S., making it one of the more accessible sports bars on our list. It also has quite an expansive menu but that doesn't mean all of it hits. Some commonly mentioned misses are the cheesier items like mac & cheese and nachos or some more bbq leaning fare like ribs. However, at the end of the day, even with some controversy and balance discrepancy, this restaurant is much more than its scenic views.

5. Wings and Rings

This is the biggest contender with the upcoming big dawgs on this list as far as wings go. The chicken wing is the centerpiece here with, of course, a specialty of the onion ring. What this spot has that really ups the ante though are its dipping sauces for the wings themselves after they are already dressed. The ghost pepper ranch grabs rave reviews from regular customers and professional reviewers alike. The wing options are also superior here. You can, of course, get bone-in and boneless, but the house-smoked wings are immaculate and they are even vegetarian-friendly with standout cauliflower wings. W&R has 12 sauces and three dry rubs that all please, but its consistently most praised quality is how gratifying a sports bar it is to those who crave spice.

What you may not expect from a wing and onion ring-based establishment are top-tier desserts. The renowned Wings and Rings funnel fries are a crowd favorite and they even have a very popular brownie sundae. While the food stands out a bit more than the sports side of this establishment and the locations nationwide only hover around 50, if you desire a wing joint for game watching with superiority in a specific side dish, the Buffalo Bleu or Sweet Smokin Rings here are an undeniable draw.

4. Walk On Sports Bistreaux

This is arguably the most well-reviewed sports bar chain on our list. You can scour reviews getting in-depth takes about how the cuisine is as close to authenticity as you can expect for actual Cajun food at a chain. Yet, this ends up being a double-edged sword. Actual Louisiana Creole food purists at times on Reddit resent and often spew disdain towards a chain establishment because they have such high standards for the real thing. This, and only having locations in 15 states are the sole reasons it isn't higher on our list.

The eclectic menu featuring classic New Orleans staples from Po' Boys to Etouffée to Shrimp and Grits, make Walk-On's too unique of a sports bar to deny. It is also clearly a game day-focused sports bar with the indication in the name itself. With games always playing on the TVs, the restaurant succeeds in catering to the sports crowd, yet offers a more distinct culinary experience. The chain has even been compared to classic chain sports bars like Buffalo Wild Wings — only on steroids.

3. Miller's Ale House

It's not the only reason, but this sports bar is definitely here for the beer! The truth of Miller's Ale House is that its brew selection is undeniably huge. Each of its over 100 locations all over the United States has at least 35 beers on tap. That is a dominating factor as to why Miller's is ranked higher than any other chain sports bar on our list thus far. The previous entries just can't hang with their pints.

This chain also has a quintessential menu item with consistent rave reviews across Reddit and elsewhere. The Zinger Mountain Melt is a monstrosity of chicken tenders and fries topped with cheese, bacon, and scallions with plenty of ranch to dip on the side. You couldn't think of a better game day meal to have with a beer if you wanted to. Miller's calls its chicken tenders zingers to distinguish their perceived superiority. With 17 saucesto accompany them, how could you not add them to your order?

2. Buffalo Wild Wings

The first chain you probably thought of in your mind when you ventured down this list is Buffalo Wild Wings. Even with all the other chains it's inspired, there are still no sports bars with wing seasonings and sauces as revered as Buffalo Wild Wings. It has over 1,200 locations which, of course, results in varying takes on whether it is actually good. Yet, one fact still remains: B-dubs must always be mentioned in contention for the best sports bar chain ever created.

BWW is old faithful. Especially for an event like NFL Sunday you can go solo or bring a group with different team allegiances to a location and make sure everyone is satisfied. That said, if you have been to more than a few Buffalo Wild Wings you know that even as great as it is, if you hit a bad one, it can be really bad. From feathers on the wings to at times truly poor service, this goliath of a sports bar has both big upsides and downsides. It must rank this high because of its reach and ceiling but quality standards keep it just shy of the top.

1. Hooters

As soon as you finished thinking about Buffalo Wild Wings on this list, your next thought was probably Hooters. This is the epic showdown we've all been waiting for. When you look at reviews you will often see customers and bloggers alike comparing the two. More often than not though, the conclusion ends up being when it comes to Hooters, the wings are just better. Does Hooters have as many sauce and spice options as BWW? No. Does Hooters have more interesting preparations though including the original breading, smoked variety, roasted variety, and even singular Daytona Beach style? Absolutely, yes!

Some of the non-wing menu items at Hooters are not always the best. That said, the reviews consistently give its full menu more praise than BWW and even many of its other top competitors. While the sports bar has only a quarter of the locations of B-dubs (300), it still lands second in the biggest sports bar chain metrics.

While the establishment was birthed on some less-than-ideal ethical standards based in discriminatory practices, the chain has even done a notable job in recent years cleaning up its act and uplifting the countless women who work there. Yet, even with the restaurant's progressive changes, Hooters also remains the standard for sports bar chain game-watching all over the U.S. with essential drinks, essential grub, and iconic atmosphere.

Methodology Slide

We scoured reviews on Reddit and X (Twitter) by customers and countless blogger and professional reviews to get an overall sense of the feedback from guests at each of these establishments. We took into account feedback on bar food (particularly wings and bar bites), drinks (beer selection over all), and service, but also wanted to make sure we factored in accessibility as some of these restaurants are only in select locations. At the end of the day, we wanted to rank based on the most likely place you could visit to have great wings and sides, a cold delicious beer, a lively atmosphere, and service to make you likely to return.