You Can Stay In A Literal House Of Pancakes — Here's Where To Find It

When people love something, they want to be immersed in it. Nothing speaks to this proclivity louder than folks' desire to stay in themed accommodations, whether it's the Cartoon Network Hotel or the Taco Bell Hotel pop-up that reportedly sold out within two minutes. To facilitate this desire for themed vacations, toaster waffle brand Eggo is opening the Eggo House of Pancakes in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

Kellanova, Eggo's parent company, announced in a February 26 press release that the "pancake house" will begin accepting reservations on February 28 — National Pancake Day. The home, which is large enough to house eight people, can be booked through HomeToGo for the low price of $0 a night. This opportunity is only available for weekends in March (Friday through Sunday), and dates will open up one weekend at a time. On February 28 you can book for March 7-10, March 4 for March 15-17, March 11 for March 22-24, and March 18 for March 29-31.

In 1960, the Pancake Pantry restaurant opened in Gatlinburg as Tennessee's first pancake house. This establishment, along with pancake restaurants Flapjack's Pancake Cabin and Log Cabin Pancake House, secured Gatlinburg the title of Pancake Capital of the South. It makes sense, then, that Gatlinburg would be the chosen spot for the first Eggo House of Pancakes.

Every aspect of the house invokes breakfast

The Eggo House of Pancakes is meant to resemble two pancakes that are covered in oozing syrup and topped with a stick-of-butter chimney. Drawings of strawberries and blueberries adorn the home's outside walls, while a bright yellow door invites guests inside. One of the bedrooms features yellow bunk beds with strawberry-covered sheets and pillows, while the wallpaper is fittingly covered in pancakes.

The basement features a game room with a pool table outfitted to look like a giant Eggo pancake. If the nights are cool, which is very likely for Gatlinburg in March, guests can wander outside to use the fire pit while enjoying a picturesque view of the Smoky Mountains. While anyone who books a stay at the Eggo House of Pancakes must find their own way there, Kellanova has guests covered for breakfast once they arrive. The freezer will be stocked with Eggo pancakes in Buttermilk, Blueberry, and Chocolatey Chip flavors, as well as Chocolatey Chip Minis and regular Minis.