Why Costco's Double Chocolate Chip Cookie May Not Be At Your Store

Massive cookies are a growing trend. Understandably, Costco has decided to join the party by adding a large double chocolate chip cookie to its food court menu. Unfortunately, this change signified the discontinuation of Costco's food court churros. The cookies aren't at everyone's store just yet, however. While the churro-to-cookie transition occurred in many Costco locations in early January 2024, some hungry shoppers are still waiting to get their hands on the treat for just $2.49.

One Reddit poster said that a location in Utah had the new cookies for a single day before removing them for reportedly not meeting "Costco standards." Another user added that a food court worker said to expect the cookie back the following week, noting that they're "adjusting the recipe." Interestingly, some Colorado Costco members hadn't seen the new item at all.

A self-described Costco employee took to the thread to claim that the various altitudes throughout the country were affecting the way the cookie baked, adding, "Colorado locations in particular struggled to make them up to standard. So they are temporarily pulled until each state/altitude area has a recipe that works." While Costco hasn't yet officially commented on the situation, food court phone numbers are listed on Costco's website based on location, and inquiries about the cookie's availability can be made directly with your local food court.

Quality control issues are to blame for your missing Costco cookie

If you don't live in a high-altitude area, there's a good chance that your Costco cookie rollout went off without a hitch. Many Southern California locations have the cookie on the menu, and it was spotted in Eureka, California, as well. Various influencers on TikTok have reviewed the product from different locations, and some Reddit users also spotted the cookie at Costco locations in Oregon and Massachusetts (but it was allegedly absent from another Costco in Washington state).

While it's unclear if there are other non-baking related reasons that Costco is withholding its chocolate chip cookie in some stores, it seems that members in high-altitude locations are more likely to be missing this food court item for now. There are many areas in the U.S. where the altitude affects the baking; states like Colorado and New Mexico even have high-altitude baking guides.

Of course, the waiting game isn't easy when those who tasted the 7-inch cookie continue to rave about it. One social media user called it "the best cookie ever," describing the thick texture and heavy chocolate flavor, even noting that it surprisingly wasn't too sweet. While prepackaged items don't compare to a warm, fresh double chocolate chip cookie, Costco's 24-pack of chocolate chunk cookies is a total steal for those who need to curb their Costco cookie craving while they wait.