Elevate Your Charcuterie Board With Oreo Butter, According To Party Shirt - Exclusive

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Butter boards, dessert boards, charcuterie boards — you can never run out of board ideas. As the trend continues to pepper our social media feeds, food influencers are getting more creative with the spreads; this season, new types of butter are on the horizon. The duo behind Party Shirt — the friends who have amassed over 20 million followers on TikTok — recommend incorporating Oreo butter into your next charcuterie board.

In an exclusive interview with MegaMenu, the pair explained that the combination can be slathered onto anything. Xavier Di Petta (one half of the Party Shirt duo) said, "Maybe you have a sponge cake, and you want to spice it up. Maybe you have a graham cracker you want to put it on, or maybe you want to combine it with something new and throw it on a charcuterie board." Its chocolatey, creamy flavor makes Oreo butter a must-have for dessert boards — and for a sweet twist, it serves as an easy-to-make spread for classic charcuterie fare like cheese crackers or salty biscuits.

It's as simple as one, two, three ingredients

This 60-seconds-or-less flavor hack consists of just three ingredients: original Oreos, whole milk, and refined coconut oil (or vegetable shortening). Throw them into the blender, and in moments, you'll have a silky smooth cookie butter. Per "The Party Shirt Cookbook" that just hit shelves, you can also continue to add milk to your Oreo butter for more of a sauce-like consistency, which Xavier Di Petta and Nick Iavarone have nicknamed "chocolate sauce."

"It really spices everything else up," Di Petta told MegaMenu, adding that the recipe is "all-purpose." And no wonder — butter works as a blank canvas that will taste good combined with nearly anything, from savory to sweet. Compound butter (consisting of various herbs), bone marrow butter, and garlic butter are just a few examples of tasty ways to elevate a dish, and you can serve them up on your next charcuterie board right alongside the Oreo butter if you're looking for a little more variety in your spreads.

"The Party Shirt Cookbook: 100 Recipes for Next-Level Eats" is now available on Amazon. Check out Party Shirt's latest recipes on TikTok.