Espresso Martini Jell-O Shots Make The Nightcap Perfect For Day Drinking

When you imagine yourself enjoying an espresso martini, you're most likely holding a chilled glass, leisurely sipping on the complex beverage while you gaze out at a magnificent view of the Italian countryside. Well, maybe it's not exactly that, but no matter what you imagine, espresso martinis are synonymous with class. The combination of vodka, coffee liqueur, and fresh-brewed espresso takes time to create and even longer to enjoy. But this elegant drink can be transformed into Jell-O shots to add a kick of elegance to your next rager.

To create a Jell-O shot that looks and tastes just like an espresso martini, start by brewing fresh espresso. Add it to a saucepan with a few packs of unflavored gelatin. After heating, divide the mixture into two bowls and add your desired vodka (we recommend a vanilla-flavored variety) to one as your base. Pour this mix into Jell-O molds and let it cool. 

With the rest of your espresso and gelatin mixture, add a coffee liqueur such as Kahlua or Baileys. Then, layer this on top of your solidified coffee base. Let the Jell-O shots cool until you are ready to serve. After just a few steps, you will have a dual-toned shot that looks just like the fancy martini, but which you can enjoy in one gulp. To complete the look, add a mini chocolate-covered coffee bean to the top of each shot.

Give all your favorite cocktails the Jell-O shot treatment

This fun twist on the classic espresso martini will be a hit at your next New Year's Eve, as partygoers might need a little kick of caffeine to make it all the way to midnight. Or you might bring a tray of the caffeinated boozy beverage in Jell-O form to your next bottomless brunch celebration. No matter where you enjoy them, espresso martini Jell-O shots are sure to please a crowd.

You're probably wondering if you can transform another one of your favorite cocktails into a party-ready Jell-O shot. The answer is (most likely) an enthusiastic yes. A ratio of one cup of liquor to two packs of gelatin will make approximately 16 shots. Whether you prefer a rum and coke, an aperol spritz, or a classic margarita, mixing your favorite cocktails on the stovetop and adding a touch of gelatin will easily transform your go-to cocktail into a Jell-O shot. 

Just like the espresso martini recipe, you can experiment with complex colors by layering your recipe into the shot molds. For instance, make a batch of tequila sunrise shots by adding half of the alcohol and gelatin mixture to grenadine as a base, then layering the remaining mixture combined with orange juice on top. With a little imagination (and gelatin packets), the possibilities are endless.