Salad With A Side Of Fries Walked So Girl Dinner Could Run

By now, you've probably heard of "girl dinner," the meal trend, along with its extremely catchy song, that's showcasing the interesting meal habits of women that focus on satisfying cravings while enjoying a balanced meal. Whether your girl dinner is a microwaved quesadilla and a sleeve of Oreos or a platter of every flavor of olives and pickles you have in your fridge, each girl dinner is unique. The one thing that stays consistent across girl dinners everywhere is the desire to eat a meal with little prep and high satisfaction. This dinner trend is reminiscent of what some TikTokers would call the original girl dinner: a chicken caesar salad with a side of fries and a Diet Coke.

This meal of mostly sides is more than a viral meal for "hot girls" to enjoy during dinner. This combination often makes people feel full and satisfied without restricting any cravings. The fresh, crisp salad with rich caesar dressing and added protein provides all the elements of a hearty meal, with the added benefit of feeling like you've chosen a "healthy" option. But the side of fries satisfies the desire for enjoying something warm and salty. Too often, large plated meals give the option to choose between salad and fries, but a dinner of caesar salad and fries lets you enjoy both without having to choose between a nutritious and an indulgent option. The Diet Coke, or your preferred carbonated beverage, adds an element of sweetness that perfectly rounds out the dining experience.

Girl dinners are all about optimizing time and deliciousness

Many traditional dinners consist of a protein, multiple sides of starch, carbs, and vegetables, which are all elements that a caesar salad and fries combo also has. However, the salad, french fries, and a crisp Diet Coke doesn't require hours of cooking in order to enjoy. Preparing a caesar salad only consists of a few ingredients, and any added protein can easily be purchased pre-cooked or repurposed from leftovers the night before. With a side of frozen fries that takes just a few minutes to heat up in the air fryer, you've prepared a perfectly crafted, balanced meal with very little effort. This trend of simple, low-effort meals quickly paved the way for women to share their favorite ingredient-based snack platter, coined "girl dinner."

No matter what your girl dinner looks like, the mindset behind the sensation is not about eating less or restricting your meals. In fact, it's practically the opposite: this meal trend allows women to enjoy multiple food groups at once without the energy of having to prepare a fully thought out meal. One TikToker made the connection that girl dinners are a way for women to reclaim some of the time and power in their household. Women in traditional, long-term relationships are more likely to spend extra time preparing large meals for their partners and families. These women often revert to "girl dinner," or a simple salad and fries, when they are alone and only focus on enjoying their favorite foods without prep or clean up.