The Little Shop Of Horrors' Audrey II-Inspired Dessert Is Too Perfect To Eat

When you're looking through scary movies to get you in the Halloween spirit, you'll come across classic monster films like "Frankenstein," "Dracula," and "The Mummy." But there's one underrated villain that could be growing in your backyard after a total eclipse of the sun — Audrey II, the man-eating plant from outer space from "Little Shop of Horrors!"

Next time you're hosting a Halloween movie night, give your party guests a fright with this adorably spooky Audrey II dessert. Partygoers have grown to expect classic Halloween-themed treats like candy apples in a cauldron or marshmallows decorated to look like silly ghosts, but this movie-inspired treat is head and shoulders above the rest, with a spooky plant face made out of a strawberry. This singing plant may be thirsty for blood, but it makes an adorable decoration on top of a bite-sized cookie cup. Created by cake artist and content creator @cakedbyrach, this sweet treat is made with cookie dough filled with red icing and Oreo crumbs, topped with the halves of a strawberry that looks frighteningly similar to the alien plant. The creator pipes green icing to create vines around the cookie pot and white icing to form Audrey II's sharp teeth.

Fans of the iconic movie musical admired the dessert, commenting, "It's just too cute to eat!" If cookie cups aren't your thing, the Audrey II-inspired strawberries would work great atop a chocolate cupcake filled with raspberry jelly or dipped in red chocolate melts.

Throw a Little Shop of Horrors-themed party with these spooky treats

You can transform an entire meal into the blood-thirsty Audrey II for your next "Little Shop of Horrors" screening. The hinged shellfish like mussels and clams make perfect carnivorous plant mouths, as well as delicious appetizers. Open the shells slightly, slather in your favorite hot sauce, and display them on a bed of chopped green onions to garnish. For a fun play on your typical party fruit tray, carve a watermelon into the jaws of Audrey II, complete with pointy teeth fashioned from the rind. Place a medley of fruits inside and let your guests decide if they are brave enough to reach into Audrey II's mouth for a berry!

Of course, it's only right to serve BBQ and medium rare steak as your main course (just the way the man-eating plants prefer). For the non-meat-eating partygoers, personalized caprese salads can be transformed into the spookiest plant in outer space with a whole tomato for the head, slices of mozzarella cheese for the teeth and tongue, and basil leaves. Serve in a pot with balsamic vinegar for a satisfyingly creepy detail. For dessert, serve Audrey II cupcakes and cookie cups with a side of sugar cookies iced with the plant's iconic phrase, "Feed me!" To wash down all that hauntingly delicious food, a classic punchbowl with your favorite boozy or non-alcoholic punch is the perfect final detail.