Frying Your Eggs In Pickle Juice Unlocks A New Level Of Flavor

You've probably seen fried eggs as a topping on a burger, pairing perfectly with some thick-cut bacon and a pickle spear, but have you ever considered nixing the burger altogether and frying your eggs in pickle juice? If you're a pickle lover, this savory hack could be the key to perfecting the best fried eggs of your life.

This brine-coated breakfast recipe went viral on TikTok after hungry chefs started to add pickle juice to their pans while frying eggs. To make this at home, pour the juice from your favorite jar of pickles on top of the eggs and let the liquid heat up while you swirl it around the pan. It is important to note that pickle juice should not replace butter during the egg frying process; one big mistake people make when frying eggs is not using enough fat, which can lead to a burnt egg that sticks to the bottom of your pan.

According to one TikTok creator, the key to dill-flavored deliciousness is adding the juice right before the eggs are done, which imparts the perfect amount of pickle-y goodness to your breakfast. While some commenters expressed skepticism, true pickle fans will enjoy the extra kick of flavor. For even more pickled goodness, try seasoning your eggs with ingredients you're likely to find in your favorite pickle brine, like red chili flakes and chopped dill.

Ways to customize pickle brine fried eggs

Finishing a jar of pickles is a sad moment until you realize your leftover brine is an opportunity to make delicious fried eggs. Take your spicy fried eggs to the next level by adding the brine from hot and spicy pickles. Spicy pickle brine is usually accompanied by a large helping of garlic, another popular flavor profile for fried eggs. Once you've cooked the eggs in your favorite spicy brine, add a pinch of chopped garlic and some chili flakes to bring out the fresh flavors of your favorite hot pickles. 

If dill isn't your style or you prefer a sweeter pickle profile, try pouring brine from bread and butter pickles into your frying pan. Remember that a sweeter brine will transform the flavor of your eggs, so consider adding some acidity, like chopped onions, to balance out your egg platter. A touch of feta cheese or chili crisp can cut through the sweetness and create an intricate flavor profile. 

For an even more personalized pickling experience, consider adding your own pickle brine to your morning eggs. Homemade pickles are extremely easy to make: A base of distilled vinegar and your preferred mix of spices create tangy, pickle-y perfection in as little as 24 hours in the fridge. A jar of homemade pickles may also help you cook more confidently since you know exactly what ingredients are inside.