What Happened To Transformation Factory From Shark Tank?

On ABC's "Shark Tank," the stories behind the products that entrepreneurs pitch to the sharks are often as compelling as the products themselves. Fans often wonder what happened to things like the Kookn Kap long after the cameras are turned off and the episode is aired. Did the deals close? Is the company doing well? Did the product even sell? One story that really caught fans' attention was that of The Transformation Factory. 

It wasn't just that the edible gel made of seaweed seemed like a novel way to help people lose weight, it was also the amazing story of founder Alexiou Gibson and the weight loss journey that literally saved his life. So what happened to The Transformation Factory? Gibson appeared during the Season 13 finale, seeking $500,000 for 5% of the company. He ultimately settled on a deal with shark Mark Cuban and comedian Kevin Hart (who appeared as a guest investor) for $600,000 for a 20% stake.

The sharks seemed impressed with Transformation Factory's sales record for such a young company ($3.5 million in just 11 months). Gibson's hot streak continued after the episode aired, making the equivalent of five months of sales in just three days, according to Shark Tank Blog

What exactly is The Transformation Factory's product?

The edible gel that Alexiou Gibson formulated and sells is derived from Irish sea moss, a type of seaweed that grows on the coast of Ireland and was later brought by immigrants to the United States. Importing the sea moss, Transformation Factory processes it into a gel, adding flavors like pineapple, mango, and strawberry to help with taste.

According to its website, The Transformation Factory's sea moss gel is a healthy meal replacement option that contains 92 different trace minerals. Gibson also highlights his own weight loss journey as the inspiration for creating these gels. A former NASA intern, Gibson weighed over 500 pounds at just 21 years old and experienced health problems as a result. Gibson switched to a vegan diet and exercised upwards of six hours a day in his quest to shed the weight. 

The Transformation Factory's gels are also vegan, as well as wild-harvested. While sea moss gels haven't been widely studied, it's been shown to lower cholesterol, be good for gut health, and indeed may help aid in weight loss, according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Sea Moss gel is having a moment

Alexiou Gibson's deal on "Shark Tank" comes at an opportune time. There's evidence that sea moss gel just may be the new health craze. Besides the nutritional benefits we've already noted, sea moss can be used as a vegan-friendly thickener (akin to gelatin) and added to things like the $17 Erewhon smoothie that's gone viral on TikTok. It's even an integral part of a traditional Irish dessert.

Since partnering with Mark Cuban and Kevin Hart, Transformation Factory has continued to find success. The company reportedly saw sales of $4 million in 2022. Of his time in the tank and the deal, Gibson told the South Florida Times, "I never guessed I would get on the show and end up making a deal with two of the biggest sharks. I was amazed. They can obviously open doors that I can't on my own."

The Transformation Factory is just one of many food-related pitches featured on the show. While not every company succeeds, Gibson and his story appear to have resonated with audiences and customers alike.