The Stingy Reason You Should Never Order A Chipotle Burrito

Chipotle is famous for being a convenient, filling, and healthier alternative to other fast food chains. They pride themselves on not having freezers in their locations, ensuring their customers are served fresh Mexican-inspired food. But anyone who is a frequent flyer at Chipotle knows that the dish they order can look very different each time they visit. Chipotle workers keep customers on their toes as they wonder, "What will my burrito look like this time?" There is a perfect way to avoid this guessing game, don't order a burrito!

Chipotle burritos are just like a box of chocolates; you never know what you're going to get. Sometimes your burrito is bursting at the seams, overflowing with fillings. Other times it can look like a sad, wannabe burrito; barely full. Or sometimes, it's super heavy on the rice, light on the protein, or too much sour cream, not enough cheese, and so on.

Who wants to spend money on food when they aren't sure what the serving size will be? No need to fret, as there is one menu item that guarantees all of the same delicious filling options of a burrito, but with more of it and at basically the same price: a burrito bowl.

More bang for your buck

A common complaint about Chipotle burritos is that they can get pretty messy. One Reddit thread complains about sloppy burrito rolls, with some burritos looking downright scary. No one wants that. As Lifehacker pointed out, when you order a burrito bowl, you get more of everything without the mess. This means more beans, more protein, more salsa, more protein, and so on. Plus, stretching a bowl out for two meals is much easier than a burrito. For the same price, a burrito bowl could last you two meals if you choose only to eat half, which is easy to do with such a large serving. A burrito is hard enough to eat the first time around, let alone trying to salvage half to enjoy at another time.

If you go to Chipotle and order a steak burrito or a steak burrito bowl with the same toppings (no guac), the price is around $11 each. What is the cost of adding a tortilla on the side of your burrito bowl? 50 cents. Some people may call this stingy, but let's just call it what it is: resourceful! Have you seen the prices of eggs lately? Any way that Americans can stretch their dollar today is worth it. The Chipotle burrito bowl offers you more bang for your buck than a regular burrito, and it's a lot less messy.