Yes, Peanut Butter Pie Is Finally On Costco's Shelves

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie. It seems like we've said enough with those four words, but you'll want to know more about Costco's new pie. Instagram is going crazy for it. We can't deny that the most delicious reason to get a membership is to take advantage of the sweet treats, decadent pastries, cookies, and more from the Costco bakery section. Costco makes most of its baked goods in-house, so we can expect it to be fresh and high-quality. Since Costco's portions are large, we suggest inviting friends and family over. You will soon become everyone's BFF and favorite relative.

Perhaps one of the most popular foods to come out of Costco's bakery is its pies. From its iconic pumpkin pie that's saved many a procrastinator's Thanksgiving, to its double-crust apple pie, the consensus seems to be that Costco pies are a good bet. The chocolate peanut pie, though, is in another category if you ask Costco members. The newest pie flavor comes just in time for Pi Day, which is celebrated every year on March 14 (3.14, get it?). It's a hefty, 4.75 pound pie, and according to one Costco member on Instagram, "this one is perfect." In an Instagram video, you can see how rich and creamy the peanut butter layer is compared to how fluffy the chocolate layer is, giving the pie some textural contrast while remaining luscious and smooth.

That's a lot of pie

In the Instagram reel, the shopper showed off Costco's new peanut butter chocolate pie, which retails for $19.99, that's available at some warehouse stores. It is a decadent dessert made from a generous layer of airy chocolate mousse sitting on top of a fluffy layer of creamy peanut butter and nestled inside a buttery graham cracker crust. The finishing touch is a few dots of whipped cream.

Costco fans online seemed excited to try the new flavor of pie. "I'm pregnant and can't wait to try this," said one user. Some wondered what to do with so much pie — nearly five pounds of peanut butter and chocolate mousse might be too much for some people in one setting. But, another commenter suggested cutting and freezing individual slices. Then, they can be thawed as needed when the craving for a rich dessert strikes. Even if you don't let it thaw, a slice of frozen mousse pie is perfect as is. You might actually prefer this pie slightly frozen because it's firmer, but also has a consistency close to ice cream.

On March 14, many restaurants and companies, like Costco, introduce new pie-related items or offer deals on pizza pies, fruit pies, and cream pies. It's the perfect excuse to indulge even after Pi Day is over, because who needs a specific day to indulge in pie? So, eating pie now will be good practice and appropriate prep to get you ready for next year's Pi Day!)

An iconic combo

We may have Dr. John Harvey Kellogg, of Kellogg's cereal fame, to thank for bringing peanut butter — promoted it as a health food — to the masses in the early 1900s. Around the same time, the roasted peanut treat received notoriety at the St. Louis World's Fair, thanks to C.H. Sumner, a concession stand operator. So there is another reason to have this pie — apparently, it's good for us — if for no other reason than it makes us happy.

The iconic partnership between chocolate and peanut butter began when Mr. Hershey and Mr. Reese got peanut butter on our chocolate and chocolate on our peanut butter, as the 1970s commercial boasts. In 1928, dairy farmer Harry Reese, who worked for Milton Hershey, invented one of the most iconic combinations in candy history.

We happily celebrate that combo today. When you have a decadent combination like the one in this rich pie, it is complete on its own. Add a cup of coffee, and hey, a scoop of vanilla ice cream has never hurt any slice of pie.

However you serve it, this is sure to be a memorable end to any meal. If you love chocolate and peanut butter, you'll be happy you had this Costco pie saved in the freezer, especially if it ends up being a limited-time or seasonal bakery item. Costco can save you the work and tedious clean-up that comes with baking your own pie, but you might want to try to make one yourself. At MegaMenu, we have lots of similar recipes so you can enjoy a myriad of pies ahead of the next Pi Day.