The 2022 Starbucks Holiday Cup Lineup Is Finally Here

Second only to the anticipation of the hyped new and returning Starbucks holiday drinks — like peppermint mocha, eggnog, and gingerbread lattes, which drop this year on November 2 — is the return of the red cups. The signature Starbucks red holiday cups are emblematic of the start of the cheery season. 

In 2018, Starbucks introduced the first reusable red cup, allowing customers to bring it back to stores to get a discount on their drinks. This was the same year that Starbucks introduced the strawless lid for cold drinks (in US, Canada, and China markets) and paper or compostable plastic straws (in Europe and the UK) as a part of its global commitment to phase out plastic straws by 2020. Earlier this year the company announced plans to serve all of its beverages in reusable cups that can be returned and washed. But what have always been reusable are Starbucks' sturdy cold cups and tumblers.

Starbucks' first holiday cup made its debut in 1997 — a purple cup with swirls around the iconic logo — but it wasn't until two years later that the signature red color was chosen. Though the 2022 red cup design hasn't been released just yet, Starbucks' reusable holiday cold cups and tumblers lineup has, and these designs do not disappoint. While the classic red cups signal that the holidays have most assuredly arrived, these new flashy reusable designs will carry the celebration through the new year.

Starbucks' ornamental holiday cups

Like bauble ornaments glisten, dangling from a Christmas tree, so do the Bling and Jeweled Cold Cups in the Starbucks holiday lineup. The Bling Cold Cup comes in two high-shine, metallic colors, gold and sangria, with the texture dimpled, like a sheet of rhinestones covering the cup (retailing at $29.95). The popular Jeweled Cold Cups are back and in three new iridescent jewel tones: white, merlot, and azure (retailing at $22.95, up $3 from last year's lineup).

Though the cold cups look like ornaments themselves, there are also actual cold cup tree ornaments. The miniature versions of the Bling cup ornaments retail at $14.95, and the Jewel cup ornaments retail at $12.95. That means the ornaments will set you back only a bit more than half the cost of the actual cups, but they're sure to make great stocking stuffers for the Starbucks lover in your life.

Also in this year's holiday cup lineup is the Color Changing Hot Cup Set — similar in concept to the summer color-changing cold cups. However, these cups change colors when hot liquid is poured into the cup. Three options are available for this product: a Mint Poinsettia Tumbler, a Light Pink Lace Cup, and an Enchanted Forest Cup. Starbucks' holiday cup lineup has something for everyone on your list. Head to your local Starbucks to snatch them up before they sell out.